Johnny B has no hesitation calling Aerosmith "The Greatest American Band."  Aerosmith has been one of the biggest influences John's life since he got his "wings" back in 1974. Aerosmith's music was like nothing else on the radio. John says "Aerosmith gave me the courage & style a young man needed to graduate from church choir & Jr. high chorus to a front man in a High School Band." In his singing career he always uses that influence in every performance. "To me Steven Tyler IS the MOST entertaining front man in the music business, not only a focal point of the band but has the most INCREDIBLE vocal range." Being the lead singer for Erasmith gives John a chance to pay tribute to these musical ICONS. He hold himself to the highest standards of musicianship & vocal technique. For John it is not only  a pleasure to give back to the fans and audiences that they perform for but to be a part of the Rock 'n Roll Era he is so moved by.    

(As Steven Tyler)